Port security involves ensuring physical ports, as well as maritime vessels, passengers, and goods entering these ports, are safe. Since ports are large areas where products from other countries enter, proper security is essential. We are going to cover the basics of port security as well as the benefits.

What is Port Security?

Port security is a smaller subset of general maritime security. It involves protecting ports, and the countries these ports are located in, from harm.

In the United States, a number of organizations work together to provide port security. These organizations include the United States Marine Corps, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and the Maritime Administration (MARAD).

Why is Port Security Necessary?

Port activity is thriving around the world. Millions of tons of goods, as well as millions of passengers, pass through ports each year. Without proper security, ships, goods, ports, and passengers are at risk of harm and attack. Port security prevents nefarious activities from occurring.

What are the Benefits of Port Security?

There are various specific benefits of port security, which are outlined below.

Restricts Entry of Dangerous and Illegal Materials

Since international goods often enter at ports, it would be easy for undesirable goods to enter without proper security. Proper inspection of shipping containers prevents the entry of illegal drugs, guns, and victims of human trafficking.

Prevents Terrorist Activities

Port security restricts the occurrence of terroristic activities at ports and also prevents the entry of dangerous materials that could be used to build weapons used in future  terrorist attacks. Special radiation monitors can scan ships and detect enriched uranium, which is a material that can easily be used to create weapons of mass destruction.

Prevents Thieves from Stealing Goods

Since shipping containers cannot be manned at all times, port security is essential for keeping goods safe from thieves. Some areas of ports are inaccessible for human patrol, but other security measures can protect these items from thieves.

Protect Ships from Pirates

Not all ports are inherently safe. While pirates may seem like a subject from the past, piracy is still alive and well in various bodies of water and ports around the world. Port security is especially important in dangerous waters, as it helps protect ships, goods, and passengers from dangerous pirates.

Helps Protect the Environment

Oil is frequently carried on ships all across the world. If oil tankers are subject to attack, there are not only economic ramifications but also environmental ones. Oil spills drastically harm water quality and sea life. Additionally, the production and shipping of liquified natural gas have increased in recent years. Ships carrying this fuel are also subject to attacks that harm the environment.

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