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Charleston, the South Carolina port city founded in 1670, is defined by its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses, particularly in the elegant French Quarter and Battery districts. Fedsec can provide Security services for a wide range of needs. From loss prevention, personal security, and port security we can work with you to increase overall safety, reduce risks, and give you the peace of mind that your property & assets are under a watchful eye.

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FedSec’s Security Officers also provide shore-side security, ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to go onboard a vessel. FedSec’s Maritime Security Officers also provide an armed or unarmed presence onboard, conducted security patrols and fire/safety watch duties.

FedSec’s methods and standards of protecting people are based on long standing protocols established by government operators. The FedSec management and training team have extensive practical experience in designing and implementing security for people working in a wide range of sites, posts, and facilities.

Fedsec is able to provide additional & expanded levels of protection which incorporates an investigative element into the overall protection process. On an as-needed basis, FedSec has the ability to bring together expert practitioners from a national group, experts who dominate the art of Protective Investigations.

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For complete and thorough protective services regarding port, personal, and maritime protection, Fedsec is staffed with protection professionals that are trained in the most up-to-date security practices in the country. Whether the job is large or small, our team is happy to work with you to ensure the safety of your goods, your store, your own personal health if need be. For questions on the extent of our protective/investigative services please call our main office (843) 747-5588  or Contact Us directly!