About Protective Investigations

There is another expanded level of protection which incorporates an investigative element into the overall protection process. On an as needed basis, FedSec has the ability to bring together expert practitioners from a national group, experts who dominate the art of Protective Investigations. Methods designed to identify and minimize potential risks and threats; Protective Investigations provides a level of protection not commonly provided in the security field. While FedSec’s Threat Analysis experience resides in identifying and mitigating threats to federal judges and other high level government officials, the Protective Investigation process employed for all protectees remains constant. It doesn’t matter if the potential threat is in the form of an inappropriate communication or whether there is a specific, directed threat, Protective Investigations are crucial to the overall protection scheme for certain clients. Protective Investigations include:

  • Security Surveys: Experience has taught us the immeasurable value of a comprehensive facility Security Survey which serves as the cornerstone of our Protective Services.We apply the basic cornerstone concept to every type of protective assignment imaginable. The importance is that properly conducted Security Surveys identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses, allowing for preemptive counter measures to be implemented. Ensuring the security of a client’s personnel or facilities is important to FedSec.
  • Security Assessments: The ability to identify, assess, and analyze potential vulnerabilities and threats, whether perceived or real. FedSec has the ability to perform Security Assessments in a wide range of environments, specializing in threat, vulnerability and risk assessments.
  • Counter Surveillance: We have learned through years of gathering, analyzing and sharing information, those who would seek to harm, often take time to assess their target to determine the most opportune time to strike. When threat levels dictate, FedSec can implement counter strategies and techniques designed to detect and disrupt potential life threatening situations.
  • Operational Security (“OPSEC”): Security Surveys Security Risk Assessments serve to address obvious security shortfalls, private and public sector entities still have another potential threat; the unintentional disclosure of valuable information such as trade secrets, sensitive business information or information about facilities and people. FedSec’s OPSEC assessments and follow-up briefings will allow clients to close what may not be an obvious window of vulnerability. Keeping business information safe and secure is the bottom line.

When it comes to protecting people and property, FedSec Inc. has the Maritime Security or Protective Investigation solution you need.

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FedSec’s professional security services range from single event arrangements, to long-term recurring service contracts. We have clients whom have used our protective security services for over fifteen years, because we provide safe and secure work environments for their employees and facilities. Our Security Officers are South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) cleared, registered and trained “In House” by our law enforcement and security training professionals. FedSec’s training regimen exceeds requirements established by the state of South Carolina. Our Security Officers have cleared backgrounds, are drug tested, and are covered by our various insurance policies. FedSec’s services are competitive, and on par with national companies operating within the Charleston metropolitan area. However, since we are local, we have a stake in the security and protection of our community.

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