Protective and Security Services

FedSec Inc. Protects People and Property. We have operated in Charleston, South Carolina as CMMC Security since 1999, providing our maritime and metropolitan area clients with Security and Protective Services on a consistent basis. We have delivered both private and public entities with individualized attention to their specific protection and security requirements for over fifteen years. FedSec Inc., just as CMMC Security, is a locally owned, reliable, and professionally managed uniformed guard service. FedSec provides the Low Country with unarmed and armed Security and Protective Services Officers.  FedSec – Protecting People and Property.

FedSec’s professional security services range from single event arrangements, to long-term recurring service contracts. We have clients whom have used our protective security services for over fifteen years, because we provide safe and secure work environments for their employees and facilities. Our Security Officers are South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) cleared, registered and trained “In House” by our law enforcement and security training professionals. FedSec’s training regimen exceeds requirements established by the state of South Carolina. Our Security Officers have cleared backgrounds, are drug tested, and are covered by our various insurance policies. FedSec’s services are competitive, and on par with national companies operating within the Charleston metropolitan area. However, since we are local, we have a stake in the security and protection of our community.   

Security Services: Protection of property security functions, encompass physical security for buildings, areas, events or functions. Standard security services consist of uniformed officers on roving foot or vehicle patrol, fixed or security screening posts. Your first line of defense is a well-trained and highly visible security officer providing security services. [The visibility of a person of authority in uniform has an effect on human behavior; even seasoned criminals are deterred by their presence, and set their sights on a softer target.] Beyond having a visible Security Services officer in uniform, our officers are able to detect and recognize potential criminal activity, and know what follow-up action is most appropriate. That level of security requires the type of training which FedSec administers. FedSec provides a range of fixed, roving, mobile, or entry control point screening services to meet our client’s Security needs to protect their people property. FedSec can provide clients with a time clock type service (Proxy Guard RFID) which reflects the roving security officer’s patrol times at specific check points. Reports are made available to clients upon request.    

Protective Services: FedSec’s methods and standards of protecting people are based on long standing protocols established by government operators. The FedSec management and training team have extensive practical experience in designing and implementing security for people working in a wide range of sites, posts and facilities. Our goal is to include our client in the development of a distinct, specific Protective Services plan of action designed to mitigate or eliminate risks and threats and protect employees from harm. FedSec provides a range of fixed, roving, mobile, or entry control point screening services to meet our client’s Security needs to protect people or property. FedSec can provide the client with a time clock type service (Proxy Guard RFID) which reflects a roving security officers patrol times at specific check points. These reports are available for our clients.   

Personal Protective Services: FedSec offers the level of training and experience people need when they are under threat. FedSec can provide the type of hands-on close Personal Protection required for public or private people. This category of protection does not fall under broad scope security; it does include close and personal protection for those who need that level of security.

FedSec and its associates have real world experience protecting federal judges, public officials, foreign dignitaries and protected witnesses. Their experience level is worldwide, often operating in global high threat areas where personal protection may be the only option available.

Personal Protection is not intended for less than serious threats, primarily because of the close relationship that MUST be developed to provide the level of protection necessary. Personal Protection is not inexpensive, and as such, FedSec closely scrutinizes each request before accepting a Personal Protection Detail (PSD).

Guard Service Choices: Typically, our clients request Unarmed Security Officer services to meet their security needs. Our Unarmed Security Officers provide a uniformed security presence, and perform as our client’s eyes and ears; detecting, deterring and reporting on suspicious activity.

Occasionally, a client may have a need for an Armed Security Officer presence based on their specific protective needs. FedSec’s Armed Security Officers are trained to a higher level than our unarmed Officers, given that they have the ability to engage a subject with deadly force if warranted. FedSec’s training and policies follow Supreme Court decisions on the use of deadly force, and its Armed Officers are trained on all use of force and use of deadly force requirements. In addition to verbal, hands on, and deadly force options, FedSec’s Armed Security Officers are also trained in the use Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) and in the use of a compliance tool (Centurion Control Stick) to encourage suspects to comply with verbal commands and hands on direction.      

In addition to affording our clients with two workplace security choices; Unarmed or Armed uniformed guards, FedSec now provides an additional choice (Guardian 8) for a client’s consideration. This alternative (non-lethal) level of response for protective security services, can fall in between an unarmed or armed presence or enhance an Armed Officer’s capabilities. The Guardian 8 is a hand held device that places a violator on notice, with a visual and audible annunciator. Once activated, the Guardian 8 automatically calls the Security Officer’s supervisor by a cell phone link. If the FedSec Security Officer is required to protect our client, their property, or in defense of themselves, the device can deploy a non-lethal OC Spray (pepper spray/gel). Once deployed by an officer, FedSec can provide our client with audio and video recording of the incident. This option can also be added to both an Unarmed and Armed Officer’s duty equipment.

Security Officer Uniforms: FedSec dresses its Protective and Security Services professionals in attire that meets the needs of our client and the assignment. We offer a standard official police/security uniform with metal shield, or a more relaxed police-type uniform with a polo shirt with a fabric shield. We also provide a more formal concierge type uniform consisting of a black blazer, gray slacks, white shirt and tie. Regardless of client needs, we have the flexibility to meet the specific look our clients want for their Security Services or Protective Services staffing needs.   

When it comes to protecting people and property, FedSec has the Security or Protective Services solution you need.

Security Officer Training Services

Security Officer Training and Development: FedSec Inc. is proud of the training it provides to its personnel. Not only does FedSec meet all training standards established by SLED, we exceed those requirements for both armed and unarmed officers. We believe that quality training is the foundation for developing the skill sets required in security officers. We provide Basic and Advanced Training for our Officers and for other security companies or individuals who are interested in top shelf training. Training includes:

  • Classroom Training – Basic
  • Classroom Training – Advanced
  • Scenario-Based Training
  • OJT or Hands-on-Practical Applications
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Maritime Security

Firing range familiarization and qualification

Furthermore, FedSec’s supervisors are required to complete additional leadership training to aid them in providing the highest level of guidance and direction to our officers and other personnel. Good service begins with good training.

When it comes to training officers to protect people and property, FedSec has the Security Training solution you need.

Maritime Security Services

Maritime Security: FedSec is the Maritime Security Industry leader on the Charleston waterfront. While operating as CMMC Security and now FedSec Inc. we have provided maritime security and protection since 1999. We provide our clients with the highest level experience available, for a wide range of vessels and port facilities. We have the ability to meet each of their unique and specific security requirements.  FedSec’s maritime security includes trained and certified Facility Security Officers (FSO’s), and armed and unarmed security officers trained as Maritime Security for Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties. Additionally, our Security Badge Office Staff have also met 33CFR Part 105.125 requirements.

FedSec’s personnel working in the Maritime Security industry have Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration issued Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card) required for access on those facilities falling under MARSEC regulations. FedSec’s Security Officers control ingress and egress at facilities requiring access control and screening as required by Maritime Transportation and Security Act (MTSA).

FedSec’s Security Officers also provide shore-side security, ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to go onboard a vessel. FedSec’s Maritime Security Officers also provide an armed or unarmed presence onboard, conducted security patrols and fire/safety watch duties. We encourage our clients to designate specific areas of the vessel for our Officers to patrol. In those instances, we employ RFID chips at those locations, and record our patrol on a reader. Reports can be provided, reflecting those patrol officers, locations and times.         

Protective Investigations

Protective Investigations:  There is another expanded level of protection which incorporates an investigative element into the overall protection process. On an as needed basis, FedSec has the ability to bring together expert practitioners from a national group, experts who dominate the art of Protective Investigations. Methods designed to identify and minimize potential risks and threats; Protective Investigations provides a level of protection not commonly provided in the security field. While FedSec’s Threat Analysis experience resides in identifying and mitigating threats to federal judges and other high level government officials, the Protective Investigation process employed for all protectees remains constant. It doesn’t matter if the potential threat is in the form of an inappropriate communication or whether there is a specific, directed threat, Protective Investigations are crucial to the overall protection scheme for certain clients. Protective Investigations include:


  • Security Surveys: Experience has taught us the immeasurable value of a comprehensive facility Security Survey which serves as the cornerstone of our Protective Services.We apply the basic cornerstone concept to every type of protective assignment imaginable. The importance is that properly conducted Security Surveys identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses, allowing for preemptive counter measures to be implemented. Ensuring the security of a client’s personnel or facilities is important to FedSec.
  • Security Assessments: The ability to identify, assess, and analyze potential vulnerabilities and threats, whether perceived or real. FedSec has the ability to perform Security Assessments in a wide range of environments, specializing in threat, vulnerability and risk assessments.
  • Counter Surveillance: We have learned through years of gathering, analyzing and sharing information, those who would seek to harm, often take time to assess their target to determine the most opportune time to strike. When threat levels dictate, FedSec can implement counter strategies and techniques designed to detect and disrupt potential life threatening situations.
  • Operational Security (“OPSEC”): Security Surveys Security Risk Assessments serve to address obvious security shortfalls, private and public sector entities still have another potential threat; the unintentional disclosure of valuable information such as trade secrets, sensitive business information or information about facilities and people. FedSec’s OPSEC assessments and follow-up briefings will allow clients to close what may not be an obvious window of vulnerability. Keeping business information safe and secure is the bottom line.

When it comes to protecting people and property, FedSec Inc. has the Maritime Security or Protective Investigation solution you need.

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