Maritime Security Specialists Since 1999.

Maritime Security: FedSec is the Maritime Security Industry leader on the Charleston waterfront. While operating as CMMC Security and now FedSec Inc. we have provided maritime security and protection since 1999. We provide our clients with the highest level experience available, for a wide range of vessels and port facilities. We have the ability to meet each of their unique and specific security requirements.  FedSec’s maritime security includes trained and certified Facility Security Officers (FSO’s), and armed and unarmed security officers trained as Maritime Security for Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties. Additionally, our Security Badge Office Staff have also met 33CFR Part 105.125 requirements.

FedSec’s personnel working in the Maritime Security industry have Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration issued Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card) required for access on those facilities falling under MARSEC regulations. FedSec’s Security Officers control ingress and egress at facilities requiring access control and screening as required by Maritime Transportation and Security Act (MTSA).

FedSec’s Security Officers also provide shore-side security, ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to go onboard a vessel. FedSec’s Maritime Security Officers also provide an armed or unarmed presence onboard, conducted security patrols and fire/safety watch duties. We encourage our clients to designate specific areas of the vessel for our Officers to patrol. In those instances, we employ RFID chips at those locations, and record our patrol on a reader. Reports can be provided, reflecting those patrol officers, locations and times.   

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