Lynn Coon

After graduating from business college, Lynn Coon was employed in the airline, and banking industries. She traveled extensively, and eventually resided in Virginia, where she met Gene Coon, a Deputy United States Marshal.

After they married, Lynn continued with her own career aspirations, yet she found herself continuously being drawn into the demands of Gene’s chosen career path. She soon realized that her husband was not the only one that would be working for the United States Marshals Service for the next 28 years.

Together, Lynn and Gene had several duty station changes; living and working in West Virginia, South Dakota, and Connecticut, and eventually moved back to Virginia. It was in West Virginia that Lynn became an official U.S. Marshals Service employee, serving as a Matron. During their West Virginia posting, there were no female Deputy US Marshals in the District. Therefore, inasmuch as Lynn was the only spouse without children, she was called upon to assist in the search and transfer of female prisoners, and to provide security for sequestered female jurors.

When Lynn and Gene had children, she remained at home to maintain the household, because of the extensive hours and travel required of Gene. After the children reached school age, she began a new career as a Pre-school Teacher, retiring from teaching (and the USMS) in June 2000.

In 2010 Ms. Coon joined CMMC Security where she began working in the security badging services. During those initial years she learned every aspect of the company’s operations, eventually serving as the Office Manager.

On June 9, 2015 Ms. Lynn M. Coon became the majority shareholder and President of FedSec Inc. which purchased CMMC Security.