FedSec Inc. Officer’s training exceeds all requirements. Our belief is that good service begins with good training.

FedSec Inc. is proud of the training it provides to its personnel. Not only does FedSec Inc. meet all training standards established by the State, we exceed those requirements for both armed and unarmed officers. We believe that quality training is the cornerstone for delivering the skill sets that our clients require in security officers. We provide Basic and Advanced Training through activities that include:

  • Classroom Training
  • Scenario-Based Training
  • Hands-on-Practical Applications
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Maritime Security
  • Firing range familiarization and qualification

Furthermore, FedSec’s supervisors are required to complete additional leadership training to aid them in providing the highest level of guidance and direction to our officers and other personnel. Good service begins with good training.

When it comes to training officers to protect people and property, FedSec has the Security Training solution you need.

Yes, we can provide the same wide range of security services for your church upon request from the minister or managing authority.

While we prefer to visit your business to completely assess your needs, we will provide a quote after you have answered several relevant questions.

FedSec Inc. is a local company, owned by local people. Our owners, managers and supervisors all live, work and play in this community, so our focus is where you need security. Further, current trends call for providing services based on local needs, not national visions of what’s needed.

No, if a client has a need to protect or secure anything or anybody, we can meet your protection or security needs.

FedSec Inc. Officers, while on duty on client property, have the same arrest authority as a Deputy Sheriff.

FedSec Inc. can meet our client’s protective service needs on many levels; beginning with uniformed Security Officers who can be outfitted in any type uniform needed. Those Officers can also be equipped to meet client needs, including weapons certification.

FedSec Inc. is licensed by the state, and each Officer is registered. Both must pass SLED and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint and criminal history background checks among other requirements.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) promulgates and regulates every aspect of the industry.

The services provided by Security Guard companies may be similar, but most vary widely. Clients may notice differences in several areas; first, the officers who deliver services; in their appearance and in their professionalism, and second with the knowledge and skill level from which those officers operate.

Every business is different. Get the right protection, customized to your needs. Call FedSec today.