FedSec Inc. is a professional security company licensed in South Carolina, providing security and protective services based on client requirements. The Company was established more than a dozen years ago, when it initially began providing security for clients in the maritime community.

Today FedSec Inc. provides a wide range of security and protective services to private and public clients in the Charleston Metropolitan area.

FedSec Inc. is prepared to excel by employing professionals trained and well versed on practices and methodologies derived from extensive experience in security and law enforcement. Through those skills we are also postured to provide training for those inexperienced yet highly motivated and capable journeymen willing to grow with our Company.

Our mandate requires that we continuously strive to provide a full range of security and protective services to our clients using the experience held by our management team and employees.

Every business is different. Get the right protection, customized to your needs. Call FedSec today.